I am a mother, wife, business woman, health coach and competitor.

My name is Tatiana and I came up with the concept of Tatiana Mone Fitness following the birth of my daughter. While I had been an athlete through college fitness took a back seat to a successful career, resulting in a 25 pound weight gain. My career was so successful that I had the opportunity to travel frequently throughout my pregnancy leading projects. I didn’t have what many deem a “fit pregnancy”. I had what I believe to be a normal American pregnancy.. I ate what I wanted and ate sort of healthy. My cravings were not unbearable however I did develop an odd fondness for nacho cheese. Yes, you read that correctly, nacho cheese. I gained 43 pounds in 37 weeks and was blessed to give birth to a healthy 6 pound 6 ounce baby girl.

A few weeks after my daughter was born I began to realize that my body was changed. No longer pregnant I found myself stressed, exhausted and unhappy with my new physique. I knew that I had to get a handle on my emotions and my eating. With proper nutrition, exercise and sheer stubbornness I was able to get in the best shape of my life in less than a year. Today my goal is to inspire and equip others with the tools and support they need to reach their goals while maintaining balance.

Life is all about balance, now let’s find yours


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